Important: we're resuming our worship service in Paroisse de Malagnou with limited capacity, registration is required.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Come to Jesus exists to exalt God by edifying and equipping believers for the task of evangelizing the world through the power of Jesus Christ.

  • We seek to become a church defined by its commitment to the gospel evident through faithful biblical exposition of God's Word, genuine care and fellowship, and wholehearted worship;
  • We seek to become a prayerful church whose members are growing in the knowledge of God, daily living out the implications of the gospel out of a passion for the glory of God;
  • We seek to become a church that has a lasting impact in the city of Geneva and in Switzerland through intentional evangelism;
  • We hope to become a church that plants other churches in the Philippines as well to other countries, as the Lord adds to our midst those He calls to Himself.

 And here's a video about the history of our Church